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A blog dedicated to the AMC show Mad Men. All posts are original content & I take requests too!
Anonymous: hey I'm that anon and no problem you deserve the praise! can you do the part where Ted asks how Peggy's date was?

yall are too great :’) and I will do that and thank you for clarifying! but I don’t think I can get to it until tomorrow because I’m going to a party tonight but I will do it asap!

Anonymous: Loving the gifs and glad you're taking requests! Can you make the ending scene of s07e01 when Don is trying to close the balcony door of his apartment, but then sits alone in the cold outside? Thanks in advance and keep up the good job :)

Thank you so much you all are too kind to me :) and yes I’ll do it!

Anonymous: Can you make a gif of when Megan sang and did that really cute dance for Don on his birthday? Zulie Zulie Zu

Ahhh zou bisou bisou omg I love that scene I will definitely do that!

Anonymous: damn, awesome gifs! Do ya think you could make a gifset of Peggy and Ted in Peggy's apartment? In the sn 6 finale? :)

ahh thank you very much it means a lot! and sure! any specific part of the apartment scenes, though?